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Sell Your Business With Confidence

The right experience, insights, and relationships

Our Purpose 

  • Help entrepreneurial business owners, whose companies are everything to them, make sense of the business selling process

  • Pull back the curtain of how buyers think, and help business owners understand what is going on and how to benefit from it

  • Provide the right relationships to get a deal done, effectively

Selling a business can be a complex and overwhelming process. From being bombarded with inbound buyer interest to unqualified people offering advice, it can become a significant distraction for business owners. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ve spent nearly twenty years working exclusively on business transactions. And we have gained experience working on all sides of the transaction - as a buyer and investor, a seller and an advisor. What we learned in all of our years is that business owners need help. The same way their customers rely on them for their experience and knowledge, business owners need someone they can trust with significant, relevant experience to help them navigate an exit, now or in the future. They need someone to help them cut through the noise to maximize value and focus on what matters - closing a transaction with the best buyer.


With that, Marcon Advisors was created.

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About Us

  • Provide business owners with insight into what buyers look for in an acquisition

  • We help owners understand their exit options and how to achieve them, whether now or in a few years

  • Accelerate well-informed decisions between business owners and the best acquirers, capable of paying more and closing faster than their peers

  • We are effective and know what buyers care about, so we don’t waste time

  • Trustworthy:  Our success is based on confidentiality and discretion as well as competence

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What We Do

William Pauly
Founder & Managing Director

Business owners are the lifeblood of our economy. They give everything they have to maintain and grow their businesses. Their enemy is wasted time and their most effective tool is clear, straightforward and honest communication.

Selling their business is a huge decision. When the time comes, they deserve experienced guidance from someone who understands their situation. Even more than that, they want clear and honest advice so they can make an informed and confident decision - without wasting their time.

We listened and turned it into a business. Our singular goal is to share our experience, insights and relationships to help business owners make informed and confident decisions, without wasting their time.


Heath Sunley

Founder and Former Owner, The Vent King

Throughout the entire process of buying my business, William was there every step of the way, providing guidance, support, and a wealth of knowledge.  His understanding of my industry and business made for seamless discussions. I did not have a strong understanding of the transaction process, so I relied heavily on William's expertise and experience. He went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the acquisition was thoroughly explained and that all of my questions and concerns were addressed promptly and effectively.

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Matt Palas

Founder and Former Owner, Assurant Fire Protection

William was instrumental in my business sale, offering invaluable guidance and support despite being on opposing sides of the transaction. He opened up his contacts, explained the transaction process, and ultimately gave me the confidence to move forward. I continue to seek his advice even after the sale, and now consider him a trusted friend.

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Chad Connor

Founder and Former Owner, Affordable Fire & Safety

William was an excellent partner in the acquisition of my business. He provided invaluable guidance, demonstrated expertise, and was always there to help. His ability to navigate the numerous moving parts of the transaction was truly impressive. I felt like I had a trusted partner by my side throughout the entire process.

Jeff Sosebee

Founder and Former Owner of Liberty Fire Protection

Earlier in my career, I had a very bad acquisition experience, so I was anxious about selling my business. William understood our apprehension and unique situation and tailored the work to accommodate for this. Throughout the process, he was always available to answer questions in plain language, provide updates and explain next steps. His integrity, knowledge, and professionalism gave me the comfort to move forward. William was simply the best person I interacted with during the sale of my business.

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